Government Must Protect the Rights of Primary Producers & Property Owners

Member for Narracan called on the Andrews Labor Government to back Victorian farmers, primary producers and property owners who are having their livelihoods put at risk by protestors and activists.

Mr Blackwood said his office had been inundated with complaints following the theft of animals by activists from the Gippy Goat Café in Yarragon.

‘This situation raises a serious number of concerns for local farmers, primary producers and even private property owners who may be a target of activist groups,’ Mr Blackwood said.

‘Livestock producers face significant penalties for breaches of the Livestock Disease Control Act and Animal Welfare Regulations, yet these activists who have illegally entered property, stolen livestock, moved livestock unsafely and put at risk biosecurity, have received nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

‘In addition to the $1 fine imposed, a charge of $250 for compensation, is grossly inadequate and sends the message that it is ok for these groups to target whoever they wish.

Mr Blackwood said he would write to the Premier seeking an assurance that the Government will ensure the rights of law abiding primary producers, property owners and individuals are protected from illegal activism that places their livelihoods and businesses at serious risk.

Gary Blackwood MP
State Member for Narracan
3/24 Mason Street

Ph: 5623 1960
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