Daniel Andrews Must Stand Up for Local Timber Workers

Shadow Assistant Minister for Forestry Gary Blackwood has today called on the Andrews Labor Government to step in and take action against protesters who are illegally protesting in Noojee.
Speaking in Warragul today, Mr Blackwood said the illegal protest had gone on long enough and it was now seriously jeopardising a local business with lost revenue and costs easily running into the tens of thousands of dollars.
“Today marks 11 days of inaction from Daniel Andrews and his Ministers and it is now critical that Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government take action to remove these illegal protestors,” said Mr Blackwood.
It has been alleged that DJPR have been unable to assemble the required six trained officers to enact the process to have the protesters moved on and for 11 days now they have refused to use trained officers from DEWLP and Vicforests who are willing to assist.
“This smells of political interference with Daniel Andrews not wanting to undermine Green preferences, putting the interests of Bill Shorten ahead of Victorians trying to go about their lawful occupation-it is an absolute disgrace.
“This is becoming a dangerous precedent and by not acting Daniel Andrews is giving legitimacy to these types of activity which block lawful businesses from doing their job.
“There is already a large amount of concern about illegal protesters with the recent trespass on local farms and businesses by animal activists and this coupe demonstration is another unlawful protest that is disrupting a legitimate and lawful business.
“Regional communities already have limited employment opportunities and this disruption is only hurting our local economy, local contractors and their employees.
“We cannot allow local businesses to be held to ransom and Daniel Andrews must put legitimate Victorian jobs before the political interests of his Federal mates and take action immediately,’ Mr Blackwood said.

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